Gucci fashion trend spring/summer 2011

Fashion collection spring/summer 2011 by Gucci leaves quite a bit ‘rock vein which had animated the collections of latest times and symbolizes the remains from a lady who loves to take a trip, adores other societies, but it also certainly the sensuality and style features .

Colors such as aqua blue, amethyst, orange, and emerald mingle with selection harmonic blends, attached together with details of gold belts, handbags, and tassels of stiletto heels. The end result is a gypsy woman yet classy, proud and chic, jewel-a woman who’s motivated by the atmosphere of this wilderness and the Maghreb, however contemporary as well as strong, in fantastic Gucci.

And also for the nights? Activates the special moment of the desert through the night, among shadows and colors of desert sand, crystal embroidery, silk fringes, applications of metal all made more effective by beautifully matched fashion accessories such as bracelets style of Berber’s ankle boots created by some strips of natural leather as well as the big bag (actually new ‘hit bag’) to influence the baskets.

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