Italian Fashion Trend summer 2011

Summer is upon us ladies. Whether you’ve kept up with your new years resolutions to hit the gym or not, designers have stepped up to help you look fabulous on the beach this year.

 Looks inspired by sexy starlets from the Sixties and Seventies are hitting the runway.

Classic yet sexy one-piece suits are big this year with sweet floral designs and bold colors making an appearance. Look out for waist-high bottoms and bikini tops that give you plenty of room to accessorize.

Also keep your eyes open for nude colored bathing suits which will show off that gorgeous tan you’ll have by week two.
Leave the heels at home (they won’t work out in the sand anyways), and grab some metallic sandals to spice up your look or brown sandals to keep it warm.

Top it all off with a giant sun hat or tie a scarf around your head for a seventies flare. Scarves are versatile so don’t forget you can also use them as sarongs, towels, or turbans. When the sun gets to be too much, cover up with a glamorous maxi dress, or if you prefer a toned down look, a men’s shirt and shorts will do the trick.

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