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The designer Michele Miglionico, inspired by the natural beauty of the Seychelles and artistic scenes of Rome, tells of a dream photo shoot through his creations worn by Sherlyn Furneau, Miss Seychelles 2012.

Great success for the Inauguration of photo exhibition “Glam Seychelles – Secret Garden – Walking in the Roman Beauties” at the Galleria Angelica in Rome. The exhibition, which was sponsored by the Rome Capital and Province of Rome and with the support of the Seychelles Tourism Board and the Ministry of Heritage and Culture in the person of Fiammetta Terlizzi Angelica Library director, will remain open until July 14.
The event was held during the fashion week AltaRoma AltaModa, where the photographers Cinzia Carbonelli and Adriana Seganti with the creativity of Italian haute couture designer Michele Miglionico, paid homage to the natural beauty of the Seychelles Islands.

In the photo shoot, through the creations of Miglionico worn by Sherlyn Furneau, Miss Seychelles 2012, reveals an intention to merge the talented Italian haute couture with the beauty of wild nature and luxurious of the islands in the Indian Ocean. The shots are set in a dramatic and unprecedented Rome, note that the magnificence of its monuments dazzles us into corners and modern avant-garde contemporary arts facilities as reflected in the Macro Museum of Contemporary Art. As shown by photographs taken by photographers Cinzia Carbonelli and Adriana Seganti, the bridge between the Western and African world is born from the desire to promote, in addition to the territory, the emancipation and independence of women and people of Creole.

The press conference that preceded the inauguration of the exhibition has seen, besides the presence of beautiful Creole Sherlyn Furneau newly elected Miss Seychelles 2012, the actions of the ambassador of the Seychelles Tourism in Italy Dorothy Furneau, and the Director of the Seychelles Tourism Board’s European Bernadette Willemin.
The fashion journalist of the TV channel LA7 Cinzia Malvini drew a portrait of the designer. The Vice President of Alta Roma Valeria Mangani, showed the close relationship that exists between Art, Fashion and Tourism, and here he took the opportunity to request an invitation to a delegation of Italian fashion press to visit the wonderful land of Seychelles.

The request was warmly greeted with a clear intent by the Seychelles Tourism Board to host the next season, a delegation representing the competent and careful Italian haute couture fashion for contamination with the wonderful world of the Seychelles.
The press conference was moderated by journalist Fabiola Cinque
When the journalists and the public present were moved by the superb exhibition of the Angelica Library of the sixteenth century by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli to Angelica Gallery to discover the 14 photographs that made up the exhibition “GLAM SEYCHELLES – SECRET GARDEN – WALKING IN THE ROMAN BEAUTIES ”

A rich cocktail of champagne and exotic fruit has graced the event.

press by: Nicola Altomonte

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