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The designer Michele Miglionico, inspired by the natural beauty of the Seychelles and artistic scenes of Rome, tells of a dream photo shoot through his creations worn by Sherlyn Furneau, Miss Seychelles 2012.

The photo exhibition “SEYCHELLES GLAM – SECRET GARDEN – Walking in the Roman Beauties”, organized by the Seychelles Tourism Board and Michele Miglionico Haute Couture, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, under the patronage of Rome and the Capital Province of Rome, will be held Monday, July 9, 2012 at 18:00.

The photo exhibition will take place at Galleria Angelica in Rome in via S. Agostino, 11, and will be preceded by a press conference to be held at 17:00 in the Biblioteca Angelica in Piazza S. Agostino, 8.

Be attended by several guests who will speak in the debate:
Bernadette Willemin Seychelles Tourism Board’s European Director,
Valeria Mangani Vice President AltaRoma,
Cinzia Malvini TV journalist fashion channel
Michele Miglionico Haute Couture fashion designer
Adriana Seganti e Cinzia Carbonelli fashion photographers and authors of the exhibition
The press conference will be moderated by journalist of international luxury magazine, IQuality, Fabiola Cinque.

Is expected to be present Sherlyn Furneau, Miss Seychelles 2012.

It celebrates the marriage of art and culture in an integration with the glamor of Italian fashion.
The project to promote the area and enhancing the image of the Creole people, creating a cultural bridge between Africa and the Western world in the name of emancipation and independence of women. With a refined look and at the same time mysterious fashion designer Michele Miglionico tells, through the fashion shoots exhibited in the show, the legendary and timeless beauty of the Seychelles combined with the charm of the “Eternal City”.
All of this filtered through the young beauty of Sherlyn Furneau Miss Seychelles 2012 and enhanced by haute couture designer gowns Michele Miglionico.

To tell this story was made a photo shoot where the plastic poses evoke a whole, suggestions, emotions and sequences from movie set. In line with the concept of the designer fashion photographers Carbonelli & Seganti have recreated in the modern fable that speaks of dream, of love, beauty and desire for freedom.

The event will see the participation of the Ambassador of the Seychelles Tourism in Italy Furneau Dorothy and the newly-crowned Miss Seychelles 2012 Sherlyn Furneau that in addition to representing his country at prestigious events abroad will participate in the upcoming Miss World beauty contest on 18 August 2012 to Ordos – Mongolia (China).
For this occasion its international image will be curated by the Italian designer Michele Miglionico.

The outfits were made with photographic support:
Montalbano & Di Loreto hair stylist for the Compagnia della Bellezza
Yolly Leon make-up artist with Mac Cosmetics
Chopard-Geneva, haute joaillerie for gold and diamond jewelery collections Classic
and Happy Diamonds
andHappy Diamonds
Monies for jewelry carving horn, bone, coconut shell, ebony and resin
Loriblu luxury shoes
report by: Nicola Altomonte


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